3 Effective Ways To Clean Your Hearing Aids

If you suffer from reduced or impaired hearing, hearing aids could be the perfect solution for you. To keep your hearing devices in good working order, it is important that you clean them out regularly so as to remove wax and other debris. Read on for tips on how to properly clean your hearing aids so as to improve sound output and prevent ear wax accumulation in your ear canal.

Remove external filters

Hearing aids typically have in-build wax filters that prevent wax from getting lodged in your device. Be sure to inspect the filters for any debris and clean them using a soft toothbrush. If the filters show any visible damage, consider replacing them so as to protect internal electronic components from damage.

Another crucial maintenance step is to leave the hearing aid battery door open at night so as to let air flow through your device and prevent moisture build-up and preserve battery life. When not in use, store your hearing aids in a dehumidifying container so as to keep them dry.

Remove the wax

Ear wax can get lodged in the sound bore, tubing, sound ports and microphone, muffling or distorting the sound coming from your device. Wiping the outside of the tube with a clean cloth or tissue can help prevent the wax from infiltrating your device. This is often best done in the morning after letting the wax from the previous day dry out overnight.

If there is any wax in the sound bore, you can remove it using the small loop and cleaning brush that usually come with the device. Use a scooping motion when cleaning the inside of the hole with the loop to prevent jabbing wax deep inside the sound bore and then use the brush to gently sweep any debris and loose ear wax on the surface.

Blow out debris

For loose ear wax stuck on the tip of the device, use the air blower that usually comes with the cleaning kit to safely dislodge it. You should then blow out wax and dirt inside the tubing until you hear air passing though the sound bore.

For fixed debris deep inside the ear mold and tubing that won't be removed by the air blower, a flexible wire may be your tool of choice.

The above tips can help keep your hearing aids clean, improving their performance and protecting your hearing health. If you have any problems clearing wax or other debris from your hearing aids, visit a hearing aid specialist near you, like Clarity & Comfort Hearing Center, for assistance.